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Benefits of Staying at Shangri La Singapore with Family


Shangri La Singapore turned out to be the right destination for a trip with family, especially if you take advantage of the benefits of the Singapore Rediscover Voucher. In addition, there are still many advantages that you can feel, which are as follows. 

Choice of Rooms with Extra Comfort

Become one of the best resorts in Singapore, Shangri La Singapore is the most favorite resort for tourists. Especially those who prioritize facilities overstay rates. There are various rates according to the choice of rooms for you and your family.

The first option is a twin room with two beds or separate single beds. Many visitors use this room for a vacation with friends or a partner. Not comfortable with separate beds? No need to worry because you can put it together in a simple way.

The next option is a double room with one large bed to accommodate two people. This room is perfect for couples who want a honeymoon. Well, if you bring children, it's better to order a triple room with one king-size bed, one single bed, and three single beds.

The standard room is the basic room option and has an affordable price with also standard facilities such as a bed, bathroom, desk, and television. If you want to see the interior of the best room, reserve a superior room, which has better facilities and provides one large mattress.

There is also an option for a deluxe room that can provide a beautiful view and complete facilities, such as a coffee maker and refrigerator. If you want a suite that is not too big as an apartment, you can use the option for a suite room with a bathroom, living room, and kitchen facilities. 

Close to Many Tourist Places and Restaurants

One of the reasons why you should choose this hotel as a vacation spot is definitely because it is close to many destinations. The best option that you can visit with your kids is Buds by Shangri La. This destination will invite children to be more creative and develop their talents.

There is a stage, where children can try to play the drums, piano and also sing. They can also do muddy activities like painting on the walls and enliven the walls with vivid pictures. The exciting activity is baking. The procedure is to make their cakes and invite them to learn. 

Complete and Qualified Facilities

Why can you take your children on vacation here? Facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, and a menu for children are guaranteed to be satisfying. The choice of rooms is easy for you to adjust to so that they become more comfortable.

Facilities for safety and cleanliness are also the most important thing. You don't need to worry about the safety or comfort of the place because the staff will guarantee it optimally.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get if you stay at Shangri La Singapore. The benefits will be even more abundant if you take advantage of the Singapore Rediscover Voucher. Children and spouses will feel comfortable, you will be happier.

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